Complete platform solution to power your otc business


BEACON OTC empowers OTC dealers and brokers with a robust platform built on the latest technology to scale and efficiently run their business while maximizing the value delivered to client relationships. White label the platform with your branding for a turnkey solution that creates a distinct product offering exclusively for your clients. 


Pricing engine

Provide your own price feed, use a single reference price from a third-party exchange, or aggregate multiple exchange and liquidity provider price feeds together. Complete flexibility for providing pricing to your clients.

Spreading & credit

Automatically enhance the spread by marking up from the midpoint price or skew the price on the bid or ask to customize the prices delivered to your customers. Apply credit limits by customer group to waive the need for prefunding transactions.

Book Management

Manage deal flow against inventory already in your book and manage your book's risk with low-latency connectivity to other exchanges, liquidity providers, and bespoke liquidity pools.

Apply Commissions

Perfect for agency-only transactions or winning deals that requires tightened price spreads.

Manual and automated rfq

Customer deals

Dedicated request for quote is a powerful tool for providing discretionary price quotations and negotiating deal terms with your customers. Quote 2-sided markets or provide single bid or ask pricing.

Source Liquidity

Trade with counterparties that you know and trust, or tap into additional liquidity pools to source more liquidity and manage risks in a more efficient  and cost effective way.

Optimized Flow

Chat channels can be permissioned for internal use only to allow trade desks and risk management teams to interact discreetly. Message other known counterparties to keep all customer, internal, and external communications in one place.

Integrated chat

Full chat integration means no searching for order IDs or flipping from instant messenger back to the trading platform. Compliance-friendly record keeping saves more time to spend on client business.

block trades

Brokered deals

Cross buy and sell transactions that are brokered and need to be matched. Mutiple options available for clearing and settlement.

Settlement options

Clear and settle trades bilaterally, or tap your preferred custody destination, including solutions that provide real-time settlement and facilitate both fiat and crypto transactions.

Professional platform

Complete trading app

From real-time streaming deals to large order capabilities, the feature-rich platform helps you win and retain clients. Do more business with high-net-worth investors, family offices, asset managers, and other professional traders and brokers by giving them a high-powered set of trading tools.

Fully Customizable

Choose which platform modules make the most sense for your customers. The platform features can be scaled up or down to meet your clients in their individual comfort zone. 


Transact in the spot market  and leverage crypto derivatives to power simple and advanced trading needs. Any coin, any trading strategy.

retail platform

Powerful Tools 

Put the power of professional trading tools in every individual’s hands. From charting to heatmaps and basic-to-advanced order types, the platform gives retail traders the tools they need no matter their experience level.

Charts and quotes

Traders can easily create charts that can be customized using a wide array of styles, indicators, and studies. Customized quote lists allow for easy tracking of preferred coins.

First-Class support

Chat can be enabled for customers to interact with your customer support team and trade desk, allowing for a white-glove experience to your VIP clients that will separate your business from competitors.

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