Total exchange trading technology


Complete trading technology suite for cryptocurrency exchanges. Launch a new exchange quickly or upgrade your current platform today with the front-to-back components that you need.

Front-End Apps

  • Web, Desktop, & Mobile
  • Charts & Quotes
  • Professional Tools
  • Algo Suite
  • Multi-Asset

Matching Engines

  • Dark Pool
  • Lit Exchange
  • Central Limit Order Book
  • Periodic Auctions
  • Block Trades

Total Exchange

  • Trading Apps & APIs
  • Matching Engine
  • Crypto Custody
  • Fiat Gateways
  • Lending & Margin

BEACON White label


The BEACON front-end platform provides everything that active traders and long-term investors need to navigate the cryptocurrency markets, including:


  • Access via web, desktop, & mobile
  • Multiple ways to place & manage orders
  • Multi-asset support

  • Algo suite & advanced order types
  • Retail & professional trader layouts
  • Integrated chat



The Eclipse matching engine was designed for high-performance trading and architected as a low-latency application. It can configured as a dark pool with no order book visibility or as a lit exchange with all available liquidity displayed at all times.


Dark Pool Benefits

  • Encourages large order sizes
  • Reduced market impact
  • Price improvement opportunities
  • Additional liquidity

Lit Venue Benefits

  • Full pre-trade transparency
  • Market depth visibility
  • Real-time, streaming price data
  • Encourages direct retail participation

Flexible Market Structure


Eclipse can accommodate multiple market structures, including central limit order books and periodic auctions, and facilitate privately negotiated block trades that are executed apart from the public market.

Total Solution


The BEACON front-end platform and Eclipse matching engine can be combined with Mercury partner elements to provide everything needed to operate a leading cryptocurrency exchange, including:


  • Turnkey liquidity network
  • Secure crypto & fiat custody
  • Fiat gateways

  • Complete wallet solution
  • Lending & margin
  • Multi-custodial destinations

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