Professional-Grade Crypto trading


The BEACON platform was built from the ground up for speed and created using technology designed for active cryptocurrency traders. BEACON combines low-latency solutions, professional suite of tools, and high-touch features for maximum flexibility to power your digital asset business.

BEACON provides everything that active traders and savvy investors need to navigate the cryptocurrency markets.

Feature List

Order & Execution Management

Powerful order management & trade execution is at your fingertips. Manage your trading just the way you prefer, using:

  • Direct market access (DMA)
  • Request for quote (RFQ)
  • OTC trading
  • Block trades
  • Algos & smart order routing
  • Multi-leg & order slicing
  • Standard & advanced order types & conditions

Portfolio Management

Gain the bird’s-eye view for everything happening across your crypto portfolio. See all of your positions across multiple accounts in a single view. Fully-integrated with order and execution management and risk management modules to take action quickly when your portfolio needs to be managed.

Algorithm suite

Trade smarter and lower trading costs by leveraging sophisticated algorithmic execution and order routing tools. BEACON’s algo suite can help you find an edge in the crypto market and includes: 

  • Smart order routing
  • VWAP
  • TWAP
  • Pegged orders
  • Sweep-to-fill
  • Cross asset


Liquidity network

Connect to any crypto exchange, your preferred OTC desk, and access bespoke liquidity pools through a single interface. BEACON provides a single point of access to deep orderbooks, unique liquidity pools, and multiple trading venues for better price discovery and improved trade executions.  


Upgrade from instant messenger apps and phone to centralize your communications with trading desk teams and counterparties. Fully-integrated with RFQ for a seamless audit trail and compliance-friendly stored logs.

Market Data

Stream real-time quotes for any crypto asset to clearly see what is happening in the market, rapidly analyze the data, and take trading action swiftly. Request large orders and specific trade sizes to know exactly where the market is at when you need to do business.


Trade Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets alongside derivatives products based on those coins and tokens. BEACON supports any crypto asset paired with other cryptos, stablecoins, and fiat currencies, and delivers derivatives side-by-side for a true multi-asset trading experience. Expand your trading strategies and consolidate trading platforms by using BEACON. 


On-demand reports to view and filter all of your order and trading activity. Access the information that important to you anytime you need it. 

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Complete platform solution for dealers and brokers to efficiently manage and scale their OTC crypto business. Streaming, RFQ, cross trades, and more. 

Crypto exchange

Total trading technology for cryptocurrency exchanges to run their business. Choose from trading apps, matching engines, and more to get the exact components that your business needs.