Professional-Grade Crypto trading

The BEACON platform was built from the ground up for speed & created using technology designed for professional cryptocurrency traders. BEACON combines pro-grade tools, low-latency infrastructure, & flexible workflows to power multi-asset order & execution management for prop traders, quants, crypto funds, asset managers, & other markets participants.

Global Crypto Derivatives.

Trade crypto options, futures, & perpetual swaps at the leading exchanges worldwide and in the OTC market using BEACON’s advanced OEMS and market analysis tools.   

  • See best bid-offer depth of market across multiple venues
  • Add your proprietary theoretical prices, custom greeks, & volatility surfaces to the options chain with logic for identifying trading opportunities
  • Work parent-child orders directly in exchange order books and in Mercury’s anonymous, multi-dealer RFQ network to find offscreen liquidity with 24/7 coverage
  • Place single-leg orders and multi-leg, multi-asset strategies in net price structures
  • Agency brokers can cross brokered trades and send to an exchange destination to settle
  • Book OTC options trades and trades executed on other platform for a comprehensive portfolio view

Top Spot Liquidity Connectivity.

Trade spot Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoin, & stablecoin markets at the most liquid exchanges & with the leading OTC liquidity providers in the world.   

  • See best bid-ask prices across lit exchanges & OTC desks
  • Slice orders in infinite ways to work across exchange order books & OTC counterparties for better execution
  • Execute large orders with no price slippage via RFQ
  • Combine spot and derivatives for sophisticated, multi-asset trading strategies
  • Manage all orders & trades in one place with real-time views of account balances, positions, & risk exposures

Mercury Venue Connectivity

Feature List

Order & Execution

Powerful OEMS is at your fingertips with flexible ways for managing your order and executing your trade activity, including:

  • Direct market access (DMA)
  • Order staging for deriving parent-child orders & reporting away executions
  • RFQ block trades for derivatives
  • Streaming & RFQ for spot OTC
  • Agency broker cross trades
  • Route to execution broker
  • Execution algos & smart order routing

Market Data

Stream real-time quotes for any crypto asset to clearly see what is happening in the market and rapidly analyze the data, including:

  • Configurable multi-asset quotes window
  • Regional best-bid offer window
  • Options chain with single or multi-exchange view
  • Exchange-supplied & order-level greeks + support to add user-formulated theos, greeks, & more data
  • Depth of market views
  • Charting for historical volatility

Portfolio Management

Gain the bird’s-eye view for everything happening across your crypto portfolio:

  • See all of your positions across multiple exchange accounts with P/L figures, position-level greeks, and more
  • Aggregated summary views with account-level drill downs to see all holdings by underlying, expiry, and strike
  • View unsettled trades with OTC counterparties
  • Pull in assets held at custodians & banks or with self-hosted wallets
  • Fully-integrated with order and execution management and risk management modules to take action quickly when your portfolio needs to be managed

Algorithm suite

Trade smarter and lower trading costs by leveraging sophisticated algorithmic execution and order routing tools. BEACON’s algo suite can help you find an edge in the crypto market and includes: 

  • Pegged orders
  • Sweep-to-fill
  • Smart order routing (SOR)
  • Cross asset for spot vs. derivatives and/or futures vs. options with strategies up to 12 legs



View and filter all of your order and trading activity to access the information that is important to you anytime you need it. Fully-customizable data set with options for real-time notifications via FIX drop copy, intra-day batch reports, and end-of-day reports.

APIs to Integrate & Automate.

Everything in the BEACON user interface is available via APIs to automate workflows & integrate into your systems. FIX, websocket, REST, and NodeJS APIs are available for:   
  • Order routing & trade management
  • RFQ requests & responses
  • Order status updates & history
  • User creation & administration
  • Account balances & buying power checks
  • Proprietary trading algo, theoretical prices, & greeks
  • Real-time & historical trade data

Want to take a closer look?

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Complete platform solution for dealers, brokers, & exchanges to automate and efficiently scale their OTC crypto business. Trade 24/7 with direct connectivity to leading liquidity providers, complete control over client pricing, and more. 

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Provide an advanced platform for trading spot & derivatives that is delivered as a front-end only or coupled with a high-performance matching engine for a complete exchange solution. Get the exact components that your business needs.